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Stylizing your Session:

I cannot tell you how much i love getting texts from clients, of they’re ahhh-some outfits- laid out, ready for suggestions..i love it!  Your outfits should represent your personality & style. Don’t hesitate to let your stellar style soar 🙂 For those of us who need a little inspiration, I have a  PINTEREST page, filled with eclectic ideas- that just might help!

In the meantime, here are some sweet suggestions-

  • Laaaaadies: layers, sundresses, leggings, boots, chunky jewelry, chunky patterns, amazing shoes, accessorize! Having a sweet hair-do & make-up appt on the day of is an awesome treat and sweet way to look great!  Colors that look great in photos:grey, plum, blue, green, gold, black, rosey-pink, mustard yellow, navy


  • Gents- you can never go wrong with dark jeans. they’re slimming, manly, tough- all around a solid choice. button-ups and layered shirts are a great pair with those jeans.  jeans>khakis.


  • kidz- show off that awesome personality with colors, layers, hats, sweet kicks, leggings, fur vests- whatever!


Make sure to highlight each individuals’ personality and have fun with it!

Location styles include: 

Urban- downtown, old buildings, alleyways, coffee shops, museums. Overall a more modern, contemporary feel.  Dress: patterns, bold colors, black, chunky jewelry, dark jeans, leggings, etc.

Rural- fields, rustic buildings, tall grass, sunset, sun flares. Overall whimsical feel. Dress: sundresses, delicate blouses, layers, soft colors, gold jewelry, boots

Other options- parks, your home, any place you’d like! Combine a couple styles 🙂