the Bears

so Mr Strader and I took all 3 Bears out for a little photoshoot- after all, I am a photographer and I should take pictures of them at least twice in their childhood.  Ya’ll. I lost it.  I mean, not cool, crazy mom eyes, gritted teeth lost it.  Each kid had their own, special time to completely break down and and/or run away or get sidetracked by SQUIRREL.  So, with that said- we eventually calmed down (Jeff stayed calm the entire time, but I think we all knew that already)  and we were able to capture some sweet and honest images – that really, really make my heart sing.  The smiles, the sweet looks and glances and mischief and adventure of childhood- the moments I try so desperately to store in my heart, a few, are now captured in these images- my forever loves.  enjoy